Kerala has been recognized as one of Indian Malabar’s favorite tourist destinations. As a tropical region, Kerala is a well-known place with a unique culture and a fascinating city climate. In comparison to a current, busy lifestyle, most infrastructures have peace features. Kerala is therefore the best place for travelers to relax.

Similar natural views are provided in Kerala, including Bali and Hawaii. So there are many places of interest to make tourists more enthusiastic about this picturesque location. The impressive performance of a Kathakali dance can be watched. You can take a houseboat ride to the backwaters, or you can go for a tea degustation afternoon. Yeah, in Kerala, there are so many memorable things you can do, you’d never feel bored. Now, check out these 15 things in Kerala to give you some guidance.

You have to go to 10 locations

1. Village Tour

Take a village tour to visit some of Kerala’s traditional towns. Some small traditional villages spread over the popular backwaters of Kerala. Discover the traditions of local people and visit certain villages here. Traditional meals can also be enjoyed in a natural environment.

Kumbalanghi, which is encircled by paddy fields on the Kochi border, is one of the popular villages to visit during this trip. You can see the first fishing model in Kumbalanghi in India and also the local population’s traditional agricultural life. Ernakulam Railway Station is approximately 14 km from the village.

2. Kerala Backwater Home boat Cruise

The backwater of Kerala is renowned for its quiet and beautiful nature. Go to the backwater of Kerala and you will have the opportunity to see beautiful rivers, lakes, lagoons, and even channels on the inner route from Kerala, Kochi (Cochin) to Kollam (Quilon). The backwater of Kerala is historically used to finance local people’s transport. In addition, this backwater is also used by people for agricultural and fishing activities.

3. Watch a traditional dance show by Kathakali

Kathakali is a traditional special old drama show you’d like to see in Kerala! Remember that, along with their dress and makeup, you will not be able to see the performers every day. In their lavish outfit, Kathakali artists introduce the enigmatic dance movement to describe a meaningful ancient mythology tale. You can also get their shows at the Kerala Kathakali Centre, or at the Cochin Cultural Center.

4. See the ritual success of Theyyam

The ancient stories of Kerala are also portrayed by the performance of art. It involves dance and imitation and music. You can see how every actor has a mighty hero. In support of their performances, the artists will wear very heavy make-up and beautiful colorful costumes. If you visit Kerala from December to April then in some of the famous temples in Kasaragod and Kannur, you will be able to take these ritual performances of Youyam.

5. See a boat race for snake

A Snake Boat Race is a popular monsoon event in Kerala. As for the name, in this race, the boats will take the form of a snake. This Kerala fighter snake ship has a link with the past 400 years of the Alappuzha Kings, who used the boats along ships to combat with each other.

6. Take Ayurvedic Treatment Relaxation

Ayurveda is a well-known ancient Indian therapy that has been in practice for over 5000 years. This therapy blends lifestyle with yoga and healthy eating. In Kerala, you can find many ayurvedic resorts and spas. They could give you a panchakarma at the Ayurvedic treatment center, which is an assortment that asks you to stay a week and detox. This kit cleanses your liver and revitalizes your body.

7. Discover a Fort Kochi History

Kochi, popular as the entry to Kerala, is a splendid place that has a large impact. In Kochi, you will see different cultures of British, Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch architecture. In Kochi, you will see different cultures. Fort Kochi is undoubtedly an exciting historic place that attracted many tourists. You can walk or bike to explore Fort Kochi, its Christian Synagogue, Chinese fishing nets, and the fortresses of Mattancherry.

8. Go to the Festival of Kerala Temple

As India’s most distinguished beast, the temple festivals in Kerala show the elephants and pay homage to the ancient goddess of India. During these festivals, you can see giant processions of ornate elephants, singers, drummers, and flamboyant hovers that transport these gods and goddesses around March and April in the yield season.

9. Go to the beach for the sunset

Kerala beaches are regarded as India’s best beaches. Also known as a spot where you won’t find a crowd is Kerala beaches. So, if you want relaxation during your vacation, the pleasure on the beach will be great. Varkala Beach is the most popular beach mostly visited by tourists. This beach has a remarkable rock face and many beach shops and cottages also support it.

10. See the renowned Kalaripayattu martial art

The ancient form of martial art in Kerala is called Kalaripayattu and it presents certain kicks, attacks, arms, tackling, and presets. The most interesting thing, however, is that Kalaripayattu also offers its healing methods since 2000 BC. Do not miss this presentation in Kalaripayattu, which also includes a brief introduction to martial art, traditional light lamps, and flora for god or goddess. Moreover, you can also find 27 unique arms to get you more excited about this martial art performance.