Jagged cliffs along the astonishingly picturesque coastlines, cities lined with mountains of sky, sumptuous indigenous trees, sandy beaches, and lions in the afternoon sun, all this is on offer in South Africa.

When it comes here, it’s not just about what to do but rather about what to do first. Relax with golf and a casual wine taste, enjoy an exciting surf, experience a heart-pumping safari, and enjoy the greatest adrenaline rush of your life as you sail from the world’s highest birds.

1. Come and see with the king of SAFARI JUNGLE

A safari is what is a Great Wall to China to South Africa, it is synonymous, iconic and something to experience on a visit to the region. The five large game species — the African elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, and Cape Buffalo — are one of the best locations in the world in southern Africa. The activities of safari in South Africa can be as relaxed or as jam-packed as you want, but the wonder you feel when you encounter the most magnificent animals in the wild is not regulated.

2. SWIM with huge sharks SWIM

If you think this is just an advanced and licensed scuba divers’ operation, you are wrong. Although it’s true that hedgehog diving is a fierce and fearless sport, this adventure doesn’t offer special qualifications. Take a close and intimate look at South African sharks — like Great White — from protecting a metal cage. Snorkeling “free-swimming” with other sharks and diving for certified divers is also possible.

3. Path and ROAD Ride Southern Africa Airport THE CHILDREN

South Africa offers rough grounds, high skies, vast sea views, a thick forest, beautiful deserts, vibrant towns, and villages. They are all linked by extensive roads, making South Africa a dream for road drivers. With scenic beauty on each stretch, a road trip in the country doesn’t typically entail reaching a destination. While in South Africa there are many beautiful natural sights, some truly iconic roads are just calling for driving.


South Africa is a country with complex landscapes and breathtaking scenes. The best way to capture the surreal scenery and wild landscape are on foot, and in South Africa, there are definitely many walking routes. Walks of all skills and fitness levels are suited with paths of difficulty.

5. INDULGE in the finish with a taste of wine

Rustic homes, rocky hills, and luscious vineyards. Think of country roads. It can be easy to forget a more enjoyable pursuit such as wine delicacies with all the exciting stuff in South Africa. But you ought not. But you ought not. Some of the most delicious wines of the world are made in South Africa, and no place to sample is better than right from the source. Nestled in the valley of the endless mountains, the Cape Winelands is quaint and surrounded by stunning, peaceful countryside, the ideal place to sample world-class wines.

6. Take a look at the strongest waves!

Surfing the consistent swell of South Africa is one of the local people’s favorite hobby. The surfing up and down the southern and eastern coasts have hurt much of the world. Surfers can ride world-class waves from Cape Town to Durban on a regular basis. Some places are reserved for advanced and professional surfers, but in South Africa, surfers of any level will find an acceptable place to stay for 10.

7. Interacting with the giants of the entire earth

The exposed coast of South Africa and its strong currents make it a submarine hotspot for amazing fish, mammals, and marine requirements of any nature. Sharks and seals certainly do come to mind, but without a whale-watching tour, there will never be a trip to South Africa. This is by far one of South Africa’s most beautiful things to see and do.

8. Take a stroll south of the African Mediterranean

There is definitely a managed history in South Africa, which remains a very important part of the world. The British invaded from the Netherlands in the 17th century to the Apartheid in the mid-19th century — South Africa has seen many ups, downs, and interweaving. While often grim, at the same time it is interesting for visitors to learn about the culture and history of the region.


Some of the world’s top golf courses are situated in South Africa. And while many tourists come to the country for a great safari, many combine the excitement of a wild animal and a fun stroke under the African sky. Either you are getting into Cape Town’s cosmopolitan spell, on the road along the Garden Highway, or on a safari in Kruger National Park, a South African golf course might be nearby. The number of golf courses in this country is not a challenge to play your golf game.


Due to its richness, South African cuisine is unique. South Africa has no hesitation in establishing the integration in many European and southeast Asian countries of forces and cultures from outside. Curries in Malaysian style, delicious African dishes, braaied meats, and cool seafood are some of the best ways to spend time in South Africa.