Any individual who rents a self-storage unit understands that it can act as both a boon and a bane at times. It is a lifesaver when utilized in the right manner but can become a cluttered mess and a huge pain if not tended to in the appropriate manner. To further elaborate, storage units provide the necessary space when you just don’t have enough room in your home or office and keep things organized when you need to downsize. If one is smart about storing and does not treat the unit as a dumping yard through the following steps for taking the inventory, the storage unit will reap a multitude of merry rewards.

Start at the start

The most ideal situation to create an inventory of the items placed in your self-storage unit is to do it before they are transferred and arranged into space. It gives the user a chance to complete the process in real-time and find it whenever required. The generation of an inventory does not aid in making the relocation of the belongings any faster, but it will surely make the storage space extra manageable while placing each item.

Create a digital document

Apart from the ones obsessed with paper and pen, choosing excel sheets or apps that can help organize the best. Inventory sheets are composed of detailed information about the items such as the dates, exact positions, and the condition of the item. Using a digital document of the items in each box helps to store it on a computer, removable media, or in the cloud as well as makes it convenient to look for any specific item. While the written documents may be privy to damage, they can be kept safely after photocopying or scanning the written inventory and keeping it safe.

Use apps that ease the process

The digital era warrants the use of an app for possible processes, services, or products. Hopping on the bandwagon, one can use the aforementioned apps to make creating a self-storage inventory easy breezy.


Itis the best possible app for decluttering. The word literally translates to “uninterrupted space” and is a sleek and extremely easy to use platform. It is tailor-made for moving and allows the users to input items into various organizational tiers.


It is the most wholesome tool to tackle an overstuffed self-storage unit. The app has an interesting interface with a fun design that allows conquest of the clutter and creates an inventory through visual aids and photographs. It has quick filters, helps conceptualize and prioritize different categories of items and boxes as well as monitor the condition of the stored items over time.

Make friends with pictures and labels

An inventory surely means a thorough listing of all the essentials in the self-storage unit, but something that makes the practice complete is clicking pictures of all the big furniture or other valuables as well as label all the boxes thoroughly as possible “winter clothing” or “fragile glassware” to be as detailed as possible.

Design a map and key (optional)

If you wish to go the extra mile and create the informational visual aid for your list. Using a map and key diagram of where particular boxes are what types of items are filled in it to make navigating around the storage room even easier. A self-storage unit can yield maximum benefits when the inventory is updated with time and kept prim and proper always. They can help someone maintain and keep a check on the items in your absence to locate all the necessary items.