Dubai has always been a top attraction when we think about vacation. The fact that it is the most visited place in UAE clearly backs this statement. There’s the richness of award-winning restaurants and incredible bazaars (markets). The city always seems energetic and full of life.

Several activities take place in Dubai. Eye-catching landscapes and other views of the city are mesmerizing. Dubai has endless entertainment for visitors and others.

So, if you haven’t yet already visited this place, it’s about time you do so. Here is a list of things you shouldn’t miss out on exploring during your first visit to this city of gold.

Burj Khalifa

Visiting Dubai without seeing the world’s largest building will make your trip incomplete. You should book your tickets for Burj Khalifa even before your arrival because it is something magical being on the top of the city. Furthermore, don’t forget to dine in at Atmosphere – a restaurant nestled on the 122nd floor of this building.

Dubai Museum

Dubai museum is located inside Al Fahidi Fort, which is also called Dubai fort. It is a historic place if you ever visit Dubai, do not forget to see the traditional place. Dubai rulers used to live there in 1800. This museum has preserved their lifestyle.

The most interesting thing about this museum is that it has a room where Dubai’s transformation from a simple desert to a modern city is depicted.

Desert Safari Dubai Trip

Your trip to Dubai is not worth it if you haven’t visited a desert safari. The magical desert experience will make you fall in love with Dubai all over again.

There are plenty of activities that take place in the mesmerizing desert. You can visit a desert safari in the morning, evening and also have a night stay at a fully-functional campsite.

Desert Safari Dubai shows the traditional lifestyle of the Arab, and it can enlighten your mood with beautiful sunrise and sunset visuals, if you have opted for the overnight package. Once you see the sunset in the ocean of the desert, you will not desire anything more.

There are a lot of fun activities arranged for guests in the Dubai desert safari trip. Firstly, a 4×4 vehicle will take you towards your destination. Later you can enjoy sand boating and quad biking. Camel riding is the most fun activity. In the evening package, you can enjoy barbeque whilst watching a live belly dance performance. Girls can have their henna done. Night camping adds more fun to the visit. Enjoy your desert safari and capture amazing moments.

Big Bus Tour

You can opt for the night tour and day tour. This is a quite fascinating activity because it can take you to different places in Dubai and that tells you about the emirate’s fascinating history. You can get off the bus whenever you want.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphins and seals are kept indoor. You can visit this place and have a good interaction with these friendly dolphins. You can also swim with them and take tons of pictures. This place will surely be loved by your little ones.

Hot-Air Ballooning

Waking up early in the morning is a bit difficult, but this activity is worth it. It is full of adventure; you can see a beautiful sunrise via a hot-air balloon. This wonderful experience will surely leave you breathless.


Traveling without good food? Naah! Dubai is famous for the best food. Fill your tummies with delicious food at Bubbalicious. Enjoy yummy seafood and a lot more. The interesting fact about this restaurant is that it carries different regional dishes around the Middle east.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Happiness comes from nature. And you can find true happiness at Dubai Miracle Garden. It is such a unique and different place to visit. Visiting this place in the morning is advised for the best experience and refreshing experience.

Queen Elizabeth 2.

This is the famous cruise ships in the world. It offers extraordinary leisure attractions like hoteling, luxury dining, theatre, spa, gym, and other fun activities. Visiting this cruise will make your trip the best, memorable trip.


Don’t miss out on the beauty of Dubai i.e. its beaches. They are the reason Dubai is famous for its beauty. When it’s cold in other areas of the world, Dubai beaches can be visited for an electrifying experience, and of course, that perfect tan.

There you go! These are some of the things you must do while you’re in Dubai. However, be it Dubai desert safari or any other activity, make sure you’re following the SOPs advised by the authorities.