Just like other industries, custom rigid packaging reflects trends. These changes affect both manufacturing and packaging designs offered by the rigid box manufacturers USA. These trends impact the way consumers compare, select, and use a variety of luxury products. During 2021, the packaging industry experts and analysts expect some significant developments in the custom rigid packaging industry. The rigid box manufacturers USA are expected to be familiar with the trends.

These are the top ten packaging trends which are likely to emerge in the packaging industry:

Top Ten Packaging Trends: 

Flat Illustrations:

In 2021, the wholesale rigid boxes expected to be designed with flat illustrations. From a practical standpoint, these illustrations are more cost-effective. Even ornate designs on the wholesale rigid boxes will not rely upon multi-textured surfaces. 

Opulence And Luxury:

Like every year, custom rigid boxes will evoke a sense of opulence and luxury by emphasizing the feel of wealth and richness. These boxes are expected to be designed with detailed, ornate designs. This will be done using gold or silver foiled rigid packaging as it conveys a sense of luxury and comfort. Marketing specialists want customers to feel pampered and valued when they purchase their product. 

Harmoniously Structured, Balanced Layouts:

As far as other components such as text are concerned, the packaging designers will stress on appropriate, tidy and evenly balanced designs so that the boxes will appear well-ordered and carefully arranged. For example, the packaging designers will employ clear, readily comprehended fonts on the rigid boxes to communicate clearly with the consumers. Sections of text will be added in a neat, highly structured presentation. 

Earth Tones And Neutral Colors:

In 2021, the rigid packaging trends reflect a movement away from the sharp black-and-white color contrasts. The brands’ and their consumer’s color preferences are shifting towards warm earth tones, and softer, neutral colors. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, and the nature of the product will likely influence the selection of colors. 


The concept of environmental sustainability emerged a few years ago. Like the previous year, many brands will strive to supply sustainable, environmentally-friendly packaging for their products. The eco-friendly packaging includes all sorts of packaging, which is recyclable, biodegradable or even re-usable. The custom rigid boxes come under sustainable packaging since these boxes can be reused due to their sturdiness and attractiveness. The Packaging Republic’s team believes that adopting and following this trend promotes a brand’s image positively, while also supporting a greener society.  


This trend is specifically for innovative, cutting-edge products such as cellphones and other similar gadgets. The packaging can use technology to reinforce the brand image. Here the manufacturer can employ the packaging in a way that assists the consumer in identifying helpful tech-related resources such as a website registration or product information URL. This can be printed clearly to assist customers in locating technical support services. 


Another important trend for 2020, the brands will employ packaging to share the brand story. By sharing the brand’s story or interesting facts on product packaging, marketing experts establish a business relationship with their end customer. In some cases, this trend is proved to be as simple as indicating social media contact information or detailed information about the company’s history and achievements.