The country of Malaysia is located in South-East Asia, which features numerous tropical islands with beautiful beaches, a rainforest, and a range of cultures. Many of these islands are popular for diving and snorkeling due to their crystal clear waters and colorful coral reefs. But Malaysia’s islands are not just for sunbathing and beaches. There is much more to be experienced here like colonial villages, magnificent temples, lively resorts, and adventure. Read more about the best islands in Malaysia.

1. Langkawi

The most popular holiday destination in Malaysia, Langkawi is the archipelago in the Andaman Sea, which is comprised of 99 islands. The islands are situated in the Andaman Sea near the Thai border. The eponymous Pulau Langkawi is by far the largest of the islands and has about 65 000 inhabitants and the only other populated island similar to Pulau Tuba. Langkawi gives visitors the greatest range of activities to see and do with its many distinct ecosystems of beaches, mountains, rainforest, and mangrove forests. The cable car to Gunung Mat Chinchang and walk along the Sky Bridge is an activity popular here, which provides amazing views of Thailand. Nearby is the highest point in Langkawi, Gunung Raya, where there is a hotel resort, a restaurant, and a magnificent tower. Here you can find a wide range of attractions, including the Laman Padi Rice Garden, the underwater aquarium, and the Oriental Village, for tourists to enjoy cultural displays, snake charming watches, and elephant trips.

2. Perhentian Islands

Located near the Thai border on the northeastern coast of Malaysia. The Perhentian Islands is a must for budget travelers in Malaysia. They have some of Malaysia’s finest beaches with plenty of cheap accommodation and great diving. The tropical forest covering most of the island’s territory can also be visited by tourists.

3. Tioman Skull

In a film from 1950 “South Pacifique,” Tioman is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful islands, but still retains much of its natural beauty and wildlife diversity, including Monitor Lizards, while one of the most economically developed islands in Malaysia. As Tioman is surrounded by coral reefs, this island is a place to snorkel and dive. Tourists can also enjoy hiking and swimming, visit a turtle farm and experience local culture in the traditional Juara Beach village.

4. Redang

The beaches with powdery white sand and crystal blue waters are one of the largest islands on Malaysia’s east coast. A wide range of species such as Nemo fish, Baby sharks, and jellyfish live in the surrounding coral reefs and make Redang a popular diving and snorkeling destination. Tours and equipment are offered for tourists who want to snorkel and dive. While much of the dense interior of the island cannot be passed, there are many jungle trekking trails.

5. Mabul’s Skin

Mabul Island is a small island off the South-East coast of Sabah with fine cocoa trees, white sand, and turquoise water, one of the best mucus diving locations in the world. Mabul is also one of the most concentrated reserves worldwide of small aquatic life, including frogfish, scorpionfish, squids, gobies, and various shells. Mabul Island is also home to a large variety of species of fish. Visitors will stroll around the island in just an hour to discover sights such as conventional towns and huts.

6. Sipadan

Sipadan is a legend among expert divers located off the eastern coast of Malaysian Borneo. It’s abundant in exotic animals, including a coral fish rainbow, sea turtles, and sharks. Recently has become a protected area, Sipadan is now closed to all the resorts on the island. Diving remains permitted, but divers are ferried from the continent and other islands into and out. Mabul Island, which houses many high-end hotels and a few hostels, is a perfect base for exploring Sipadan.

7. Tenggol Skull

Tenggol Island provides tourists with the sense that they are on their own private tropical island. Traditionally uninhabited, the island now has many hotels. The dazzling white beaches of the island of Tenggol are surrounded by the island’s emerald tropical forests. A prized spot for both fishermen and scuba divers is the tiny island.

8. Penang

Penang is a large colorful island formed by its diverse cultures, history, and world-famous cuisine, traditionally known as the Pearl of the Orient owing to its significant position in the sea trade route. A walk or a rickshaw’s tour of historic Georgetown is a must to visit its colonial houses, stately mansions, magnificent temples, and impressive hotels. The guests will find many things, including good shopping and cooking, beach riding, snakes shooting in the Snake Temple, and the Penang Hill cable car.

9. Pulau Kapas

Kapas Island is situated right off the coast of mainland Marang. Pulau Kapas is Cotton Island, which because of its soft white beaches is named for by its residents. The stunning, clear waters packed with a variety of marine life visit the island to snorkelers and diverts.

10. Pulau Pangkor

The island of Pulau Pangkor offers a scenic break from the busy world. The island of Pulau. The majority of visitors to Pangkor visit Nipah Bay, Teluk Belinda, Pasir Bogak, and Coral Bay for their tranquil environment and beautiful beaches. The Chinese Fu Lin Kong Temple and Kali Amman Templo are also available to visitors to the remains of a Dutch fort which houses Tiger Rock, the historic rock. Here you’ll find plenty of recreational sports including bananas, jet skiing, jungle walking, and night swimming in the middle of blue plankton.