Now that you have bought yourself a LED TV for your home, the placement of the TV is yet another essential element to consider. You can usually place your TV in two ways – hanging it on the wall or putting it on top of the furniture. Hanging your TV on the wall can give you a good view and saves you space. A wall-mounted TV has its benefit like it keeps TV out of reach from kids and pets.

However, it can leave you with questions that you must be wondering, like on which wall should the TV be based? Which screw will fit? How to mount a TV? Which mount will support your LED TV?

Let us find replies to these questions- 

Ques- Where should I base the TV?

Nowadays people prefer to fix the TV in each room. However, where to install the LED TV depends upon personal choice, but you can have these in the following tips in mind that will help in making the decision.

  • Consider the watching distance 

You can compute the distance by dividing the TV size by 55. For instance, for a 60-inch TV, the distance maintained should be 109 inches. For a small room, you can go for a smaller size TV since a bigger TV in the smaller room can cramp the space more.

  • Structure 

The wall you select, should be able to bear the heft of your TV. In this case, the base of the TV is connected with a stud or toggle bolts, the weight will not become an issue. So before you mount the TV on the wall look if it will handle all the weight.

  • Have enough space for cables and wires 

You will require to connect various things on your TV like an external hard drive, for this, you will require to put up various cables and wires, so before choosing the place, look if it is accessible to switches and plugs.

Ques – how high the TV can be mounted? 

Another vital thing to decide about is height. For this, have a look through, which room you prefer to go to like the living room or bedroom? From where you will watch, bed, chair or sofa? For instance, if you are choosing to place it in your living room, then it is recommended to install it at your eye level.

Ques – how to sustain your TV? 

Though fitting a TV can be done manually, it is always advisable to seek professional help. Many companies along with TV also provide the service of wall mounting at minimal charges. There are Few gears that are necessary for setting up the TV on the wall such as;Stud finder, power drill, pencil, in-wall extension, TV mounting screws, screwdriver, and leveller. If you are thinking of installing it by yourself, you can follow the manual that is provided with the wall mount however you will require someone to lift the TV with you, also you should be comfy with using tools such as a screwdriver, measuring tapes, and other.

Ques – how to be assured that wall mount is compatible with TV? 

Many TV companies or brands provide wall mounting that is designed keeping in with TV size. This wall mount comes with all the necessary accessories that are required for installing it. It contains bolts, insertions, and liners. The TV user manual also provides information about which wall mount will go on your TV.


The information provided can help you sort out the confusion regarding wall mounting. These are the commonly asked questions. By seeking professional help, you can be assured of the proper and systemized way of installing your android led TV. With Sanyo TV you can get a fast and safe installation for your TV.