Let’s understand what blockboards are really like. Blockboards are well-known as lumber core, and they are a kind of engineered wood similar to plywood. Blockboards are created from uniform strips of wood and then placed end to end in adjacent columns. Post this, they are sandwiched between two thick hardwood veneers and then glued under a huge amount of pressure and heat. The result is a light-weight sheet of blockboard!

There are several benefits to this fantastic product, which has made it a trusted and reliable weapon in the arsenal of architects and manufacturers. Blockboards offer better results when used for large-sized shelves, furniture and more. This is due to its composition and manufacturing procedure.

The composition of blockboards is quite different from that of plywood. These boards are not made from veneer sheets glued over each other, but from solid rectangular shaped blocks of wood called batters or wooden strips. This forms the core of the blockboards.

Why are blockboards better than other types of wood? 

Plywood sheets that are long have a natural tendency to bend down in the middle whereas blockboards, on the other hand, are stiffer and have a lesser possibility of sagging down. This doesn’t mean that blockboards are superior to plywood; they are preferred in cases where large size boards or lengthy boards need to be used in homes and residential areas. Blockboards are the best choice if you want durable, strong, long-lasting shelves, cabinets, wall panels, benches, beds, and so on. It also comes at a very cost-effective rate.

As far as manufacturing is concerned, there are three varieties of blockboards available. These are three-ply, five-ply, and seven-ply. The first one is made up of a core sandwiched between two layers of plies, and used for hidden applications, whereas the other two varieties consist of a core that is covered between two to six layers of plies on each side. These two are used to make decorative furniture of high quality, for doors, and other big constructions. Blockboards offer durability, smooth surface, termite and borer resistance, and stability. These are just some of the many advantages they have. Have a look at some more.

Light in weight 

A blockboard is very light in weight as compared to the other engineered wood products, the lower weight increases the longevity of the furniture, cabinets, and doors as it exerts less pressure on the hinges. Being lightweight, it can be carried and easily transported around which reduces the costs of transportation and labor quite a lot over long distances.


Blockboards sourced from high-quality suppliers will cost you much less than timber. This allows you to pick it as the first choice in projects without compromising on quality.

Resistant to termite attacks 

Blockboards are treated with special adhesives under a lot of heat and pressure. This makes it resistant to termites, borers, most chemicals, as well as atmospheric and weather conditions. They are also able to resist sagging or bending.

Easy to handle, reuse, and reclaim 

Blockboard is easy to work with as it holds screws and nails quite well. Being dimensionally stable, it doesn’t bend or come off when being drilled. You are able to easily use your old blockboard in other applications which makes it environmentally friendly.

Durable and strong 

Blockboards are formed by placing uniform blocks of wood end to end and hence distributing the strength. On top of this, veneers are then pasted with glue under pressure and heat which reinforces it. They are poor conductors of heat, electricity, and sound and are widely used in switchboards, tables, shelves, wall panels, and in a number of commercial buildings.

The Bottom Line 

Blockboards are a very sensible choice for you. They are easy to paint, work with, and do not become brittle or pulpy underwater. They come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses so you can pick the type you like and transport it easily. If you want a product that is long-lasting, convenient, and durable then CenturyPly blockboard is the ideal choice for you. You can get the top quality you want without paying through the roof along with a generous warranty.