The word foundation itself means the base of everything. Even when it comes to makeup, it is no wonder that foundation is one of the most important products. But as of now, there are a variety of foundations available on the market. In this case, it becomes very difficult to figure out which one is the best makeup foundation for us. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of liquid foundation, which is widely used by people.

  • Suitable for almost every skin type: Every person has a distinct skin texture, so it is crucial to only use items that are appropriate for our skin type. The fact that liquid foundation is excellent for those with dry, oily, or combination skin types is one of the biggest reasons why it is superior to other types of foundation. Oily skin types might prefer stick or powdered foundation since it leaves their complexion with a matte texture, but liquid formula is preferable for other skin types because it is more moisturising.

Foundations have a variety of types, like sheer, medium, full, and HD coverage levels. Liquid foundations cover up scars and blemishes because they have a high coverage level.

  • Easy to apply and blend: In comparison with stick or powdered foundation, liquid foundation is very easy to apply. Only a few drops of it can cover a large part of your skin. In the case of stick foundation, it gets dry too fast and looks patchy if not blended properly. But in liquid foundation, it can be blended easily, even by fingers.

The right way to apply liquid foundation

  1. Clean your face with gentle face wash.
  2. Apply any moisturiser for better blending and glowing skin.
  3. Take a few drops of liquid foundation on the back of your hand. When you put the foundation on your palm, most of the foundation sticks to it and gets wasted. So make sure you always take it out on your back.
  4. For liquid foundation, you can use your figure, blush, or even a sponge. but sponge is the best approach to blending foundation.
  5. Apply it to your skin and blend it properly.
  • Best for daily use: Liquid foundations are among the most used types, not only for makeup looks but also for no makeup looks. People use mostly liquid foundation in daily life for the following reasons:
  1. Liquid foundation acts like sunscreen, which protects the skin from pollution and harmful sun radiation.
  2. It does not take much time to blend, and one can easily apply it to the face like any moisturiser cream.
  3. With just one layer, it covers blemishes and imperfections.
  4. Liquid foundation has moisturiser in it, which hydrates your skin for a longer time.

 What are the tips to buy and apply the foundation?

It is very important to apply foundation in the right way. Because it makes the face look more attractive, if applied wrongly, it can make your face look messed up. Here are some tips to keep in mind before applying foundation:

  1. Before buying the foundation, make sure you buy the shade that matches your skin tone. To test the foundation, apply it to your neck for better clarity.
  2. Add two drops of almond oil to your foundation before applying. But if it does not suit your skin, you can mix olive oil with it.
  3. Apply any premium before applying foundation.
  1. Light weight: In comparison to other types of foundation, liquid foundation tends to feel light on the skin, making it more comfortable to wear. Especially for people who have to wear makeup the entire day or for a long time, liquid foundation is the best approach for them.
  2. Natural finish: As liquid foundation blends well with the skin, it gives a natural finish to the makeup, making the skin appear smooth and flawless.
  3. Good for light makeup: Liquid foundation is best used for light makeup.
  4. Options that are non-comedogenic: Many liquid foundations are non-comedogenic by design. What does the term “comedogenic” mean? Simply put, it means that the ingredients in these products won’t clog your pores or lead to breakouts. Non-comedogenic products may not completely prevent acne, but they can help to lessen its symptoms and root causes by clearing your pores of excess sebum and bacteria. Non-comedogenic products contain ingredients that also aid in dissolving extra oil in hair follicles and removing any dead skin cells from the surface that might clog your pores.
  5. It’s crucial to understand that clogged pores may not be the only reason why you break out in pimples or acne. Other causes of acne include hormonal changes, excess dead skin cells, bacteria contamination and your skin type.
  6. Concealing abilities: While concealer is the other makeup product meant to cover up blemishes or dark circles, foundation is intended to be used as a base for your makeup. But they can act as a concealer in some liquid foundations. And after applying foundation to the skin, the majority of the dark circles are hidden


Foundation is a makeup product that may transform your complexion like magic when used correctly and on the right skin type. There are many different types of  foundations in the market, including stick foundation, powdered foundation, and liquid foundation, but the decision is which one to use. Although each type has advantages and disadvantages of its own, but liquid foundation has won the debate when it comes to the choosing the best one

Since liquid foundation blends easily, it is simple to apply it to the skin. In addition, it is the finest choice because it has many other qualities, such as it acts as a moisturiser and keeping the skin hydrated for a long period. It appears natural since it melds with the skin. It is light weighted, making it comfortable to wear and it gives professional look. In short liquid foundation is suitable for all occasions.